Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why does this have to be the best Kanye song from G.O.O.D. Fridays?

I was in the woods this weekend? I musta made everyone really sick of this song because I played this (and these crazy new Chris Brown/Benny Bennassi track) like over and over. These two songs have a lot to do with what is going to be "my" big project for the site... The Present State of the Mainstreaming Of Electronica... sounds like a masters thesis doesn't it?

Kanye West - "Runaway Love Remix (feat Justin Beiber and Raekwon)"

UPDATE: Apparently we are so damn popular that we can't post shit we didn't get cleared because someone is always looking... therefore the song got pulled. What's up Universal? How are you guys doing? It's nice to know we got an audience so quickly :)

But seriously... is this badass song less awesome because the Beeb is on it? Is the Beeb cooler because people like 'Ye are getting him on their tracks?

And while you're thinking about that is it permissible to be listening to Chris Brown (you know, the guy who beat the fuck out of his super hot girlfriend Rihanna) if Bennassi wrote a scorcher of a radio house track?

Are you gonna cringe and switch teams when that Rusko & Britney Spears track shows up? Or if Diplo takes a couple more mainstream remixes, or productions, are you gonna forsake him (especially after the Blackberry commerical)?

I just put it out there because hip-hop, pop music, and electronica have become a soupy mess that I'm gonna try to pull apart over the next month or so (I wrote a paper about hip-hop and rave culture in the early 2000's that I need to find lol)... although I've gotta admit Simon Reynolds really should be the one writing it. Probably already wrote it lol...

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