Sunday, January 30, 2011

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Sitting around on a proper lazy feeling Sunday, I was hooking up my home girl with some fresh tunes for her daily commutes when I remembered this...

Which got me to thinking about (and now) doing some posts of older releases I would like to encourage all of you to look into as they have been the soundtrack to many of my most amazing adventures, travels, bus rides, nights in the studio, rhythms to my life etc. Maybe you'll get to know me a little better, and maybe these musical pasts will help us understand where music is going today and into the future, as well as small anecdotes about my personal experience with them.

I first heard "Funcrusher Plus" when around the time Patch was teaching me how to spin vinyl. It was either down in his musical basement cave, standing on massive piles of old NME, Rolling Stone, AP, and XLR8R mags that had spilled all over then place under the decks that I put this on, or perhaps at my place. He did so much for me, letting me borrow his decks, bringing over more and more stacks of records for me to practice with, and this was one that I found and fell in love with. Even after he took his decks and I got my own and started building my collection of 12"'s, I kept this one in my stacks cuz I just loved bumpin the fuck out of it, pissin off my neighbors as I jammed as many speakers in my apartment as I had power for.

Buy it here (Def Jux)

Future Genre-Bending Music What??

This is another of Patch's vinyls "I couldn't find" when he was over to take records back to his place. Also, with all the hype recently on the evolution of broken beat music and.......dubstep....... I thought I might toss this one out there for you guys to see what was "progressive" 12 years ago. Here's one of my favorites, the title also relevant to my lazy ass today.

I know the quality is shite at the drop, but maybe that will prompt you to buy it, here.

Tune in next time for more favorites, gotta get back to new stuff for obvious reasons. Off to the record store to buy music when I should be buying food (I HAVE GOT to hear Jahbulon, really been waiting on that on it), going to get better at dumpstering real quick.


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