Wednesday, January 26, 2011

jj kills shit!

I love shit like this!

We have all heard that country cover of Snoop's, "Gin&Juice," and yeah, we laughed. Maybe you have even heard Cake covering the disco classic, "I will survive." But this is on another level.
Part remix, part cover. Part pop music, part hip-hop. Entirely amazing!

jj is an electro-pop duo living and making their magic in sweden. Earlier this year they toured with The XX and their debut album [jj no. 2] was included in Pitchfork's Best New Music list in 2009 and received a solid 8.6 rating. Their most recent release is the hip-hop&pop sampling, spaced out, angel voiced mixtape entitled, "kills." Basically they remix/cover a bunch of pop and rap music. I may be biased, but my favorite track is the Dr. Dre sampling, "Still." Not much introduction needed for this track, just sit back, blaze it up for the West and enjoy this hipop music!

jj-kills ~download

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