Sunday, January 30, 2011

Machinedrum+TStewart+Neon Black+Sepalcure+Syndrone

Travis Stewart is a genius.
His work as Machinedrum is a glitchy haze of electro-futurism, soul claps reminiscent of the boom-bap era and soulful vocals. He has collaborated extensively with underground Hip-Hop artists Theophilus London and Mickey Factz [who have both been blowing up on the blogosphere in last year] and has successfully created his own brand of future-hop-ghetto-funk.
Check out a couple tracks below, and if you agree buy his album Do You Want To 1, 2?

More recently he has delved into the sweat drenched world of juke. Ghettotek, Juke, Footwerk, Booty Bass... they are all very similar. I feel like it is really up to the individual artist to say what the style of music he/she is making is called. Sometimes titles and names can become somewhat of a obstacle, which is why I like all these new "genres" that are emerging, it allows for more creative freedom. But I digress, Machine Drum!! JUKE!!!
So, he made this amazing mix of a shitload of juke/ghettotek classics for the LuckyMe crew and called it, appropriately;

He then proceeded to put out an album on LuckyMe [in 2010] called, "Many Faces LP," where he blends his own style of neon bass music with the future sounds coming out of the UK right now and also includes tracks like "Lemme F_ck It," that proves he fully understands what it means to make a footwerk classic!


Somehow, in the midst of all this sweaty juked out madness he still had time to create yet ANOTHER project of a completely different nature: SEPALCURE!
Sepalcure is a collaborative project between Travis Stewart [Machinedrum] & Praveen Sharma [Praveen & Benoit]. Their beats bubble with funky 2-step vibes and ooze tropical bass riddims that would make even the shyest party-goer forget their manners and slide out on the dance floor. That being said, these same tunes make perfect soundtracks for rainy afternoons and lonely nights.

They have just released their "Fleur EP," a follow up to their debut EP, "Love Pressure."

XLR8R loves these guys, and we all love XLR8R, so thank them for these tracks!

Show love, go to shows, buy vinyl, tell your fucking friends.

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