Tuesday, January 18, 2011

James Blake, Burial, and mixtapes galore!

Ty turned me onto this and it's brilliant. I wish I could pretend like I knew about him since before he ever started writing music but alas no... not that cool... but the song is!

Sort of reminds me of this feel yeah?

Tyler has been turning me onto these mixtapes, as well, which he says are genius so I thought I'd share with you! These came from Alteredstates.com. I also wanted to mention I read on that site that the lead singer of Broadcast died... so in honor I post my fav Broadcast song too!
oOoOO: "Favorite Discoveries of 2010" by alteredzones

How To Dress Well: "GOING IN: 2K!!" by alteredzones

Once my ex-girlfriend's parents went to their lake house for the weekend... so we threw a rager. I mean a real rager. Like a house full of kids, and research chemicals, and a hot tub time machine and stuff lol. Eventually everyone cleared out, and just as I'm getting my bearings in the morning I hear the garage door go up. I had to hide in my girl's closet until her parents weren't looking........ and I'll always remember I was listening to Broadcast's "The Noise Made By People" the whole time I was in that closet. Here's a track from it:

Anyway, be back soon. Enjoy!

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