Thursday, December 28, 2006

Crazy holidays... it was really fun stuff though. I've been working CRAZY style on the album as well so it's been a really busy month. I'm really looking forward to this next year... hopefully this will be the one where everything finally blows up... you cross your fingers... because if I get signed I can afford to really bring you some quality shit on this blog!

Speaking of writing this album... I thought I would throw up some of the stuff I've been listening to... some of my recent influences... stuff that in some way, shape, or form, my new stuff sounds (or is trying to sound) like...

First off is one of my faves off the Audion album. I love Matthew Dear to death and REALLY wish I would have stayed to see him at Pitchfork this summer (it was just WAYYYY too hot)... I did get to see him open for Swayzak, however, back in 2004 which was really cool. This song really gets me going, along with a couple others on that album. I wanted to post something from "Just A Man/Just A Woman" but I didn't want to piss the label off. This is on Ghostly International and you can purchase the album on eMusic.
Audion- "Titty Fuck"

Then I've got a track from Lusine who I've REALLY been getting into in the last month. The sort of texture in these songs is something I'm working really hard on and no QUITE getting... but I will keep peeping these songs until I figure it out. This album is fantastic 'doing-it-music'... in my opinion... this ALSO on Ghostly International... go cop it at eMusic!
Lusine- "Slur"

My new music idol is Outputmessage. I've been trying to make his album the whole time I've been writing songs. His music is lush, serene, perfection. These undulating wave of sythetic emotion run through every single song on his album. I'm chomping at the bit to have my eMusic subscription refill for the month so I can get his first album... I had to pick the 2nd one up on iTunes. I also went to Shop Ghostly early and picked up a record he did a remix for. I really want to be this guy.
Outputmessage- "Sommeil"
Seriously... go buy his records... or purchase Idol Tryouts 2 from Ghostly International... (are you seeing a pattern here?)

Then I've been spending a lot of time getting back to my roots... the dark electronic stuff that my childhood was filled with. Heather bought me a box set called "A Life Less Lived" which has LOADS of stuff that falls under that tag and I REALLY love it. I also downloaded Movement by New Order, and have been going back through my Depeche Mode albums and really absorbing all that stuff. Here's a couple choice cuts from the 80's...
New Order- "Procession"
Depeche Mode- "Leave In Silence"

Just a heads up... Depeche Mode just realeased their FULL discography on iTunes. So if you have about $170 to blow and want like every single thing they have ever done ever, including remixes, demos, and b-sides, then you should head over there and check that out!

Ok, that's it for now. I have to get back to my other blog (and perhaps some work while I'm at it). Make sure to keep checking back and I'll try to keep hooking y'all up!

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