Monday, November 05, 2007

Back and (MUCH) better than ever...

So I have mainly been tending to my baby "In Search Of Arcadia"... but recently Thelonious Punk (it's up to him if he give his real name) and I have been talking about starting a new blog... just to let people know what we're being influenced by as we are doing the whole Project 2501/State Crime thing. And I figured, "Well hell, I've already got a nice blog with a good title sitting around, let's use that!". I've always wanted to have a blog where I could post ANYTHING (not just British Music like my other blog... and now I've got it, AND it's tied into everything else I'm doing in the DJ realm!

...Along with this page we've got a Google homepage we're working on, trying to find a good place to start up a forum, and have like a million other things under our collective hat that we're getting ready to unleash on the world...

I've always wanted to have a public (let me say that again, public blog, seeing as I can't very well share the private one *wink*) blog that I could write with someone else so I guess here's my chance! Maybe if I work hard with this and the other blog they'll let me guest edit some day at Palms Out Sounds or Missing Toof lol... maybe if we work hard enough we'll be the next Acid Girls... ok ok ok I won't get ahead of myself. Instead of being delusional I'll post this track to relaunch the blog... here's a toast to a gazillion more posts!

First thing that's been getting me hot is that ravestep shit... mainly the Trouble & Bass crew has got that on lock but you keep hearing those techy noises popping up in dubstep remixes... here's one I dig...

Martin Buttrich- "Well Done (Headhunter Remix)"

Martin Buttrich- "Well Done (Headhunter Remix)" YSI

I wonder why you have to post a YSI link to get on the Hype Machine. I don't get it. Btw THAT LINK PROBABLY DOESN'T WORK! It's just so we might get recognized on the Hype list. I've used 104% of my bandwidth... nobody is getting shit from that download this month lol. Use the first link, it's Rapidshare.

Equally 'ravey' is this song by DQ1 called "Structive" that I'm digging on... it's been out for a while but I just got a legit version over at eMusic. You can also get that Martin Buttrich over there as well (not to mention that new Matthew Dear which is hot, but I would feel guilty posting).

DQ1- "Structive"

While we are on that dubstep tip... we did a nice little dubstep mix... nothing too long or too complex... just a something nice to showcase what we were listening to this summer. The original idea was to get on top of the 'ravestep' phenomenon by mixing 20 mins of dubstep and 20 mins of techno... instead *cough* here are the two separate mixes lol... WE DIDN'T GIVE OURSELVES ENOUGH TIME AND WE'RE STILL RECORDING LIKE 24 HOURS BEFORE IT HAD TO BE DONE lol... at least we still mix our records instead of pushing them through Ableton or something!

State Crime- "Dubstep Mix Summer 2007"

State Crime- "Tech Mix Summer 2007"

And then just because we gotta self promote like that... here's a little mash up with did with Flosstradamus that should tickle your pickle. I'm going to wait to see what my mans has to say about posting more of our tracks... seeing as this is a mash up I don't feel too weird posting it but I might feel strange about posting a song we just finished (like "Boogie" which you can find over at the State Crime Myspace. It is, ladies and gentlemen, a fucking banger). In the meantime...

Timbaland vs Shakedown- "Drop It At Night (State Crime vs Flosstradamus Edit)"

And that's that for now. Since we've relaunched this expect loads of updates. And download the fuck out of our songs to help us get Rapidshare points! See you soon!

P.S. There are going to be LOADS of changes here at this blog so keep your eyes on it... but don't be surprised if it looks TOTALLY different. Word

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