Thursday, December 07, 2006

So... you may have seen my pride and joy blog In Search Of Arcadia before... which I hope you have enjoyed... but as much as I love it... I feel like I need another outlet to talk about music. I mean don't get me wrong... I LOVE BRITISH MUSIC... it is my end-all-be-all, BUT, there is other music I like. Sometimes it's grime, sometimes is house music, sometimes it's garage rock, sometimes it's old school stuff... and I want to be able to write about that, but it's just not appropriate over at Arcadia. So I will post here from time to time, throwing up my new faves from all over the place. I cannot promise that I'm going to put as much energy into the look of this site... but then again... you probably don't care... you're probably just looking for the song link. And I can't blame you as this is my 'vanity project' but hopefully some of the words will be enjoyable for you too. OKAY, on to the music!

First off is Bexar Bexar... a VERY underrated band... so underrated I don't know if anyone knows about them. I've never heard anyone talk about them but I love them so, so, so, so, so much. I would say this gets played most of the time when I'm in my bedroom not sleeping. The whole album Haralambos is perfect front to back and highly recommend it to people who like Boards Of Canada's non-glitchy songs.... because this is more like folktronica... or something... I don't know what folktronica is really but I would throw this in there lol.
Bexar Bexar- "Aidos"

Speaking of Boards Of Canada, have you heard Trans Canada Highway? It's a pretty nifty little stop-gap recording to tide you over intbetween the last one and the new one (whenever that comes out)... I thought I post "Skyliner" which is probably the most exciting track off the recent E.P.

Boards Of Canada- "Skyliner"

All of this wonderful lazy-Sunday-fucking-music reminds me of a band I really listened to in years... or at least I haven't heard this Tortoise song in at least 8 years because I left the cd in Brian Perkins car on the way back from seeing Tricky at the Vic in 1998. The seminal Chicago band can easily go toe to toe with any other instrumental group out there, and frankly they have had longevity that few of their contemporaries have had. This song is like part Ennio Morricone and part Portishead... anyway you look at it, it's all good. I used to sit around and get wasted at the older kids dorm (at Interlochen Arts Academy) and listen to this cd on repeat while looking at soft porn with Matt Buck... ahhhhh those were the days.

Tortoise- "Along The Banks Of The River"

Next... I'll get away from the straight instrumental thing... but this music is pretty low key so it would probably fit on a mix with the prior songs. I don't really need to say anything about Interpol. At all. If you don't know anything about Interpol you must be like a 13 year old girl without the internet or something. Because they are the most super hyped indie band in the world ever who had loads and loads of exposure and played every venue on earth in support of their 2nd record... including the ICA in 2004... which is where this gem came from...

Interpol- "Evil (Live @ ICA 2004)

Ok, I need to get back to work and I need to get back to my other blog... here's a funny little list about 89 Most Redundant, Repetitive Cliches in Rock Music to keep you tied over until I get back with some more songs.

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Bruna said...

Hey Brenden! I've been reading your Arcadia blog lately, though I definately have not read your last post 500 times... :D
But it's good you have another blog for music other than UK music!