Friday, February 04, 2011

Scion AV Remix Presents: The Dirtbombs

Scion AV must have some amazing people pulling together projects for them, as we see here another moment of progressive thinking in their most current remix series. The Dirtbombs are a pivotal garage/punk/soul outfit from Detroit, fronted by Mick Collins who also led his band The Gories into monumental status with their lo-fi rock n' rolling in the mid 80's and forever on into the future. The Dirtbomb's latest effort, "Party Store" is now out on In The Red Records, and you will find the remixed originals on that delectable release. Being from the Midwest, I thought that everyone called it the "party store," but it wasn't until I read another review of this album that someone mentioned it being a midwest, and even Detroit specific name for the purveyors of liquor, blunt wraps, various munchies and things to help our chemical indulgences. Omar S , a veteran Motor City DJ and producer gives "Sharevari" some signiture Detroit shuffling drums and doesn't stray too far from the amazing original track's format/structure. Ectomorph, also from D-Town, are a duo going back to as early as 1995. Their ephemeral filtery dreamscape of "Jaguar" is a gem, sure to keep the crowd moving or your foot on the gas during a midnight cruise as you imagine the industrial fallout chaos land that may have inspired it. CHUNKY is how I would describe Kyle Hall's
rework of "Bug In The Bassbin." A new face in the Detroit underground, Mr. Hall's production is also choppy and has some really great swirling synths and a solid low end. Cop these fine works here, and the original, here. Peep this video too, I really like it a lot as I feel it is a perfect visual reference to the Dirtbomb's aesthetic, enjoy :)

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