Monday, February 07, 2011

Andreya Triana::Far Closer EP out TODAY!!

We have quite the treat for all you eager music lovers; Andreya Triana!

This girl was blessed with a beautiful voice, and god damn does she know how to use it!! Originally from South East London, Ms. Triana caught her break from The Red Bull Music Academy, in 2006 she was selected from thousands to join their collective down in Australia. We should all take a moment to thank Red Bull Music Academy for choosing her, because without them she may never have met Flying Lotus and they might never have recorded their fucking beautiful collaboration, "Tea Leaf Dancers" [released on FlyLo's Reset EP].

It was this collaboration that caught the attention of Ninja Tune artist Bonobo and in June 2009 she released her debut album, Lost Where I Belong, produced entirely by Bonobo. The album is a the story of her journey that led her to where she is now, even if she is not entirely sure where that is or where she is going to end up. In a world where female soul singers are a dime a dozen, Andreya proves from the very beginning that she is not to be written off as another Lauren Hill or Erykah Badu. She has firmly staked her place, and maybe even carved herself a new niche, in the sultry land of low-fi soul.

Following the release of Lost Where I Belong, she let loose her first EP for the track,"A Town Called Obsolete," which featured a remix by the always amazing, Mount Kimbie!

Her latest release, the Far Closer EP, features remixes by Mr. Scruff and Tokimonsta as well as a live version of the title track. I really love when artist put live versions of tracks on their albums/EP's, it allows you to hear what they are actually like without all the studio tricks and layering and whatnot. Check out the video below of Andreya performing Far Closer live in London.


Please, take some time to listen to this beautiful songstress and if you love it [which I know you will] maybe buy her album? Or at least tell all your friends!!!

:::Here are a couple downloads [courtesy of XLR8R Magazine] for you to show all your friends:::

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Bruno Guerra said...

She has a beautifull voice and has just premiered 'Song For A Friend'!!!
enjoy ...